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At Thrive we know that what brings our students in is the idea of learning self-defense but what keeps them coming back is the family and culture that they themselves help to create. We are striving to create more than a martial arts academy. We want to create a community where people can enjoy and at the same time get the benefits of our martial art.

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Meet Thrive’s Instructors

Professor OJ Domingues

Professor OJ Domingues

Odilon “OJ” Domingues began his training in Brazil with esteemed Gracie-Barra Black Belt, Professor Rey Perez(ACRE BRAZIL) at the age of 12yrs old…

Ernest Wong

Professor Ernest Wong

He started studying Bok-fu (Kung-fu/Karate) first with Art Cantu and Phil Cepeda. His adventures then took him to  San Jose State University where he …

Holly Rios

Holly Rios

Holly Rios is our studios fitness instructor. Holly was born and raised in Pacifica and now is raising her family here. She is passionate about…

Hear What Our Students Are Saying About Us!

  • I’m not the fighter type and I’m not aggressive, but I do believe in protecting those that you care for. And the material in these classes teaches me how to do that easily and effectively.


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